What is John Pye Property Auctions? – Everything to Know about John Pye Property Auctions

John Pye Property Auctions

There’s an array of options for buying and selling properties in the industry of real estate. However, for those who seek transparency and open market processes, the open ascending price auction stands as a formidable choice. John Pye Property Auctions, a prominent player in the UK property auction sphere, has set out to make property auctions as accessible as possible to all. In this blog, we delve into the world of John Pye Property Auctions, examining their journey from traditional live auctions to pioneering the online property auction sector.

Evolution from Traditional to Online Auctions

John Pye Auctions boasts a storied heritage, dating back to the 1960s when its pioneer, John Pye, set forth on a humble journey with just a horse and cart. As the years unfolded, the company’s scope of operations grew, solidifying its status as a distinguished presence in the realm of auctions.

The company’s transition to online auctions gained momentum in 2011 when it expanded from one site to eight within a span of six months, securing a new national government disposals contract. Online auctions became the norm, offering a level playing field for bidders and clients alike.

In 2013, John Pye Property Department made history as the first tangible UK auction house to launch online property auctions. Simultaneously, the company shifted its last portion of live physical auctions to online platforms, becoming the first tangible auction house in the UK to hold all its auctions exclusively online.

What is John Pye Property Auctions?

John Pye Property Auctions is a well-established auction house in the United Kingdom that specialises in auctioning a wide range of properties. This auction house is renowned for its transparent and accessible property auction process. Although John Pye Auctions commenced its journey as a conventional auction house, featuring live, in-person auctions facilitated by auctioneers, it later embraced the digital age, ushering in online auctions. This shift significantly enhanced convenience and accessibility, opening the doors to a more extensive audience.

Their online auction platform is both distinctive and all-encompassing, catering to a diverse array of property types, ranging from residential to commercial and even land properties. The spectrum includes properties listed on behalf of individuals, corporations, and even government departments. The online auction process typically involves an extended bidding window, a unique ‘3-minute-bidding rule’ to simulate the traditional auction experience and a bespoke online auction software system.

As time has progressed, John Pye Property Auctions have garnered recognition for their unwavering dedication to accessibility and transparency, streamlining property auctions for the benefit of both purchasers and vendors. Their far-reaching network of auction sites spanning the United Kingdom, coupled with a burgeoning community of registered bidders, firmly establishes their pivotal role in the landscape of the UK property auction market.

How Do The John Pye Auctions Work?

John Pye Property Auctions operates on a well-structured and transparent online platform that allows individuals to participate in property auctions. John Pye Property Auctions’ online platform and comprehensive software system replicate the behaviour of a traditional auctioneer, providing accessibility for all bidders to place bids of their choice, reflecting the true market value of each property. This process is a clear and effective method for acquiring and selling properties within the UK real estate market. Here’s a breakdown of how the process generally unfolds:

  • Registration

To get started with John Pye Property Auctions, you need to register on their online platform. To register, it is essential to acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions established by John Pye Property Auctions. Additionally, you will also need to submit your personal information. In specific scenarios, an authentication process may be mandated to ensure the overall safety and authenticity of the auction.

  • Property Listings

John Pye Property Auctions will showcase a diverse array of properties, encompassing residential, commercial, and land assets, on their website. Each listing will offer a comprehensive overview of the property, featuring pertinent details such as its location, description, images, and any specific terms and conditions associated with the property.

  • Bidding Period

Typically, bidding on an auction begins on Friday night and continues through the weekend. Registered bidders have this window of opportunity to make their offers on the properties they are considering. The online platform allows for easy and convenient bidding.

  • Viewing

Typically, on the Monday following the bidding period, there is a designated viewing day for the properties. This allows potential buyers to physically inspect the properties before finalising their bids.

  • Extended Bidding

One unique feature of John Pye Property Auctions is the ‘3-minute-bidding rule.’ If at least two competing parties are actively bidding on a property within the last three minutes before the scheduled auction deadline, the bidding for that property will be extended by an additional three minutes. This rule emulates the intensity of a traditional auction and ensures fair competition.

  • Conclusion of Auction

The online auction concludes after the final round of bidding, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. The highest bidder for each property wins the auction.

  • Successful Bidders

If you are the winning bidder on a property, you will have to send in a deposit after the auction. The terms and conditions for payment and transaction completion will be included in the auction listing.

  • Property Transfer

You will have to go through the process of transferring the property into your name, along with all the financial and legal ramifications, after the acquisition is finalized.

Key Features of John Pye Property Auctions

John Pye Auctions offers the following main features:

  1. Flexible Bidding Window

John Pye online property auctions typically commence on a Friday evening, allowing online bidding over the weekend. Viewing of the properties is held on a Monday, and the online auction concludes after bidding on a Monday or Tuesday. This extended bidding window facilitates higher levels of secondary market engagement.

  1. Unique ‘3-Minute Bidding Rule’

To emulate the behaviour of a traditional Auctioneer, John Pye Property Auctions feature a unique ‘3-minute-bidding rule.’ If at least two competing parties engage in bidding on a property in the last three minutes before the scheduled deadline, the auction’s bidding for that property extends by another three minutes, incrementally, until no further competing bids are lodged.

  1. Comprehensive Auction Software

John Pye Property Auctions’ bespoke online auction software system mirrors the actions of a traditional Auctioneer. It continually accepts ascending bids from the market, offering accessibility for all bidders to place their preferred bids, reflecting the genuine market value of each property.

The John Pye Auctions Advantage

The John Pye Advantage signifies a commitment to providing a transparent, accessible, and innovative property auction experience for both sellers and buyers. Whether you’re a property investor, a first-time buyer, or someone looking to sell a property, John Pye Property Auctions offers a unique platform to engage with the UK real estate market. The John Pye Advantage encompasses several key benefits and distinctive features that set John Pye Property Auctions apart in the world of property auctions:

  • Accessibility: John Pye Property Auctions is committed to making property auctions accessible to a wide range of individuals and investors. Their online platform allows people from various locations to participate in property auctions, eliminating the need to be physically present at a specific auction site.
  • Transparency: Transparency is a cornerstone of John Pye Property Auctions. For both vendors and buyers, they offer an open and transparent market procedure. This openness guarantees equal opportunities for all participants and fosters trust in the auction process.
  • Innovation: John Pye Property Auctions are pioneers in adopting innovative features to enhance the auction experience. The ‘3-minute-bidding rule,’ which extends bidding time if multiple parties are engaged in the final minutes of an auction, reflects their commitment to replicating the dynamics of traditional auctions.
  • Comprehensive Online Platform: The bespoke online auction software system used by John Pye Property Auctions mirrors the behaviour of a traditional auctioneer, creating an accessible and efficient platform for bidding on properties. By allowing bidders to express their preferred offers, this mechanism guarantees that each property will reflect its genuine market worth.
  • Extensive Auction Network: John Pye Property Auctions offers a large network and a prominent position in the UK property auction industry, with over 650 online auctions hosted over more than 20 UK sites and an increasing number of registered buyers.


John Pye Property Auctions have redefined the property auction landscape in the UK, leading the way in online property auctions and setting new industry standards. Their commitment to accessibility and transparency, along with innovative features like the ‘3-minute-bidding rule,’ positions them as a vital player in the real estate market. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or a first-time buyer, John Pye Property Auctions offers a unique and inclusive platform to engage with the UK real estate market.