A Perfect Kind Of Loan - Short Term Finance

Short-term bridging loans are a kind of funding for property developers and investors specifically designed for residential and commercial projects. It is a short-term flexible loan which typically offers up to 12 month terms. Bridging loans are used to ‘bridge the gap’ if a borrower requires to purchase a property before selling another. Unlike long-term mortgages, bridging loans can be arranged rapidly, where funds are required quickly.


With our experienced consultants and access to over 130+ lenders, we can offer quick turnarounds, where funds are typically released in a matter of a few working days.  We provide full packaging to lenders, providing ease to clients. Bridging loans can be used to buy property at auction, buy a house under market value, buy a property that is considered unsuitable for a mortgage, or simply release equity from a property.


Bridging Loan Benefits:

Bridging finance covers several benefits which include:


  • Offering up to 80% LTV
  • Quick turnaround times on auction finance
  • Short-term: Offering up to 12 month terms
  • Used for residential, commercial and semi-commercial properties
  • Adverse credit and CCJs can be considered
  • Flexible
  • Capital raising

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Why Work With Us?

PropertyFinanaceCompare.com is a team of professional brokers, not lenders. We become a bridge between borrowers and lenders to enter into different types of loan agreements, including both secured and unsecured loan agreements. 

Reliable property development loan comparisons that you can trust. It is always nice to know that our clients are on the right track. What makes us different


What makes us stand out from our competitors?

Property finance compare has become a staple form of a brokerage firm that can help clients in almost every commercial property purchase or redevelopment project. The designed financing option help developers to quickly access the funds and compare rates needed to buy various types of commercial property until they are rented sold or refinanced under another mortgage form. 

What is property finance compared for?

In simple words, businesses that are looking for flexibility and growth. We are now working with many property developers, allowing them to compare different funding options and quickly access funds.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Tailored financial advice24/7 customer servicesReputation in the UK property development industryRelationships with a number of top lendersSuccessful project completion records

What’s difference b/w a lender and a broker?

A lender is a financial institution that makes a loan directly to you. A broker does not lend money.


What is short-term bridging finance?

Short-term bridging finance helps property developers finance their projects, whether big or small. Our investors/lenders ensure that all the costs are covered until the project’s completion.

How do I apply for a short-term bridging loan?

The moment you decide to send in your application, our experts will want to see your project plans, so come prepped with all the required information. Only after evaluating your project scope will the experts move forward. 

How quickly can I get the loan?

We try our best to assist you as quickly as possible, but it depends upon the lenders, the size of the project, and its complexity of it.

What other costs are involved?

  • Arrangement fee
  • Valuation fee
  • Legal fee

Can I pay off the bridging loan early?

Of course, you can!