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A joint secured loan is a powerful financial tool that allows two or more individuals to apply for a loan together, leveraging their combined assets as collateral. This collaborative approach not only enhances borrowing power but also strengthens the chances of loan approval, even for those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

At Property Finance Compare, we celebrate the power of partnership and understand the value of shared financial aspirations. Our joint secured loan services aim to provide you with a seamless and empowering lending experience, ensuring that you and your co-applicant can embark on a journey towards financial success together. Embrace the opportunities that joint secured loans offer and explore the possibilities of partnership. Contact us today to learn more about how our joint secured loan services can help you achieve your financial goals with the strength of collaboration.

Bringing Your Dreams to Life - Property Finance Compare Joint Secured Loan Services:

Whether it’s purchasing a dream home with your spouse, funding a business venture with a partner, or consolidating debts with a family member, the power of collaboration can make these aspirations a reality, we  provide you with:

  •  Our Joint secured loan services are designed to empower individuals to achieve shared financial goals with the support of a co-applicant. 
  • We firmly believe that a bad credit history should not hinder your ability to access financial solutions.
  • Our experienced team of financial experts ensures that you receive personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

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Why Work With Us? is a team of professional brokers, not lenders. We become a bridge between borrowers and lenders to enter into different types of loan agreements, including both secured and unsecured loan agreements. 

Reliable property development loan comparisons that you can trust. It is always nice to know that our clients are on the right track. What makes us different


What makes us stand out from our competitors?

Property finance compare has become a staple form of a brokerage firm that can help clients in almost every commercial property purchase or redevelopment project. The designed financing option help developers to quickly access the funds and compare rates needed to buy various types of commercial property until they are rented sold or refinanced under another mortgage form. 

What is property finance compared for?

In simple words, businesses that are looking for flexibility and growth. We are now working with many property developers, allowing them to compare different funding options and quickly access funds.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Tailored financial advice24/7 customer servicesReputation in the UK property development industryRelationships with a number of top lendersSuccessful project completion records

What’s difference b/w a lender and a broker?

A lender is a financial institution that makes a loan directly to you. A broker does not lend money.


What is a Joint Secured Loan?

A joint secured loan is a financial product that allows two or more individuals to apply for a loan together, using their combined assets as collateral. This collaborative approach can enhance borrowing power and improve chances of approval.

Can I apply for a Joint Secured Loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can still apply for a joint secured loan even if one or more applicants have bad credit. Lenders consider the credit profiles of all applicants, which means that a stronger credit history from one applicant may positively influence the loan application.

What are the advantages of a Joint Secured Loan?

Joint secured loans offer several benefits, including larger borrowing amounts, better interest rates, and increased chances of approval. Additionally, this type of loan allows you to share the responsibility of repayment with a co-applicant.

Who can be a co-applicant for a Joint Secured Loan?

A co-applicant for a joint secured loan can be a spouse, partner, family member, or business associate. The co-applicant should have a vested interest in the loan purpose and be willing to share the financial responsibilities.

What happens if one co-applicant defaults on the loan?

In case one co-applicant defaults on the joint secured loan, the responsibility for repayment falls on the other co-applicants. It’s crucial for all co-applicants to be aware of their obligations and the potential consequences of loan default.


Can a Joint Secured Loan be used for any purpose?

Yes, joint secured loans can be used for various purposes, including debt consolidation, home improvements, education expenses, or other personal or business ventures. The loan purpose should be agreed upon by all co-applicants before applying.