Unlock Your Property Potential with Premier Residential Bridging Loans

Discover unparalleled flexibility and speed with our top-tier Residential Bridging Loans. Whether you’re embarking on renovations, acquiring a new property, or seeking to refinance financial assets, our fast and flexible bridging finance is designed to meet your unique needs. At Property finance Compare, we pride ourselves on delivering quick Decisions in Principle, with no broker fees and straightforward repayment terms. Our residential bridging loans cater to a spectrum of needs, whether it’s financing structural works, ground-up development, auction purchases, or simply refinancing for cash-flow management. We understand that each case is distinctive, and our unique approach to risk and credit provides unparalleled flexibility for borrowers.

Benefits of Residential Bridging Loans

From the complex to the straightforward, we treat every case individually, crafting customised solutions aligned with your specific requirements. Our goal-oriented advice ensures that you receive the guidance you need at every step of the process.

  • Rapid Fund Acquisition for Businesses: Utilize our bridging loans to quickly raise funds for business ventures.
  • Property Lease Extension: Secure a bridging loan to extend the lease of your property.
  • Home Renovation Financing: Transform your home with our financing solutions tailored for renovations.
  • Efficient Property Purchase Completion: Streamline the purchase of your dream property with our support.
  • Debt Settlement: Access the funds needed to settle your debts promptly.


Our Commitment to Excellence

With years of experience and a strong track record, Property finance Compare has cultivated lasting relationships with our clients. Here’s why our clients choose us:

  • Goal-Oriented Advice: We provide advice that aligns with your property goals and financial aspirations.

  • Guidance at Every Step: Receive comprehensive guidance throughout the loan process.

  • Dedicated Team Support: Our experienced team is committed to assisting you at every stage of your journey.

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Why Work With Us?

PropertyFinanaceCompare.com is a team of professional brokers, not lenders. We become a bridge between borrowers and lenders to enter into different types of loan agreements, including both secured and unsecured loan agreements. 

Reliable property development loan comparisons that you can trust. It is always nice to know that our clients are on the right track. What makes us different


What makes us stand out from our competitors?

Property finance compare has become a staple form of a brokerage firm that can help clients in almost every commercial property purchase or redevelopment project. The designed financing option help developers to quickly access the funds and compare rates needed to buy various types of commercial property until they are rented sold or refinanced under another mortgage form. 

What is property finance compared for?

In simple words, businesses that are looking for flexibility and growth. We are now working with many property developers, allowing them to compare different funding options and quickly access funds.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Tailored financial advice24/7 customer servicesReputation in the UK property development industryRelationships with a number of top lendersSuccessful project completion records

What’s difference b/w a lender and a broker?

A lender is a financial institution that makes a loan directly to you. A broker does not lend money.


How to compare bridging loans?

  • Evaluate how much you need and how much time you require to repay the loan. 
  • Compare available options
  • Fill out a bridging loan application with your information and financial details. The lender will then review whether you can afford the loan. If you can, they will arrange the finance.

How much can you borrow with a bridging loan?

It depends on your credit score, the value of the property you’re using for security, and the value of the property against the bridge loan. But the maximum a lender can lend in bridging finance can vary greatly, ranging from £50,000 to £25 million and above.

What is included in comparison tables?

Bridging loan comparison tables include providers we are commercially working with. With its help of it, our clients can easily choose the best bridging loan for them. 

What is your Excellency?

We have had the experience of working with several clients over the years. Why do we have a good relationship with our clients?

  • Provide goal-oriented advice
  • You can receive guidance related to the process
  • Our team will help you at every step

Why use broker service?

In our opinion people use brokers for two reasons;

  1. The solution to their borrowing requisite is not easy to come by and cannot be sourced through their channels.
  2. It is not a good use of their time to try and source it themselves; i.e. their time is worth more to them than the fee they pay to their broker.

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Alexander – Great experience! I was kept fully informed on progress throughout the process.